Xavier Mairesse

With over 300 commercials and 53 international awards, Xavier Mairesse is one of the most awarded directors in the world. From intense drama for Sécurité Routière to sexy comedy for Sedal, Xavier Mairesse knows his blockbusters and lends a cinematic touch to all his commercials.
A Belgian native, Xavier got his Masters in Journalism & Communications from the University of Brussels and began his career as an editor. In his 20’s, he moved to Canada where he earned his stripes as an Assistant Director on American productions such as Battlefield Earth with John Travolta, The Whole Nine Yards with Bruce Willis and many more.
Xavier’s solid production skills came in handy when he returned to Europe to launch his directing career. Mixing a narrative style with special effects and a cinematic look, he made a name for himself as one of the most interesting and spectacular directors in France with films for Vinci, Sécurité Routière, and Mercedes.

With AKITA in Italy he shots the most prestigious tvcs for SKY TV and TOYOTA. Xavier’s inside knowledge of the nuts and bolts of filmmaking and his hands on approach in all aspects of a project are the key ingredients to create his polished mini movies.

Xavier has a priority agreement with AKITA.

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