Sebastian Valino

This Argentinian director was born in Buenos Aires. He tells us that his parent’s divorce at the time of his childhood sentenced him and his brothers to high doses of cinema.

He began with Hitchcock at age 12 followed by Woody Allen at 13, and Bergman by age 14. He got Hitchcock at 20 and some of Woody Allen at 30.
He made some short films with friends and realized he knew nothing. He then attended the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires and then returned to short films with newly learned skills that led him to receive accolades and awards at International film festivals (La Habana, Brussels, Montecatini and Huelva). He breaks into advertising by working as a director’s assistant, taking part within a few years, on some of the most important publicity campaigns in South America. His newly developed abilities turn him into a director, filming projects for big clients in Argentina and other countries as diverse as Australia, Mexico, Italy, Spain, and the United States. Always trying to imbue every project with his personal seal, he propels the story without losing sight of the aesthetic quality in all his work. Having recently become a father of twins, he tries to take advantage of any free time to work on side projects outside of the advertising world such as photography, documentaries and art. He still doesn’t quite get Bergman, but he’s trying.

Sebastian has an exclusive agreement with AKITA.

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