With a background as a creative from various markets around the world, Salmon believes first and foremost in the concept.  There’s always a story, and it has to be told the best it can.  With numerous awards; Clio’s, Cannes Lions, Eurobest, D&AD, New York Festival etc. first as a creative then as a director, he has proven that he really can do that – tell stories well.  In 2006 he was on Boards Magazine “Top 10 Directors to Watch” and in 2007 his first short film “Diente por Ojo” was selected in over 100 festivals around the world, and won in 26 of these.

His Norwegian motherland has earned him the nickname “Salmon” as well as a raw and realistic take on comedy.  His many years in the US has influenced his appreciation for things that are big and bold and well rounded.  And that sums up Salmon as a director.  In the future, he wants to continue doing it all.  More and better spots, more shorts, as well one or two of his ongoing feature film projects.

Salmon has an exclusive agreement with AKITA.

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