Oliver Würffell first discovered filmmaking after picking up his parents’ camcorder.

After graduating university with a BA in Arts, Sports & Science and following a couple years working in production, Oliver honed his passion for capturing moving portraits and began directing full time.

Oliver’s love for telling stories has become a central trademark of his style, often developing cinematic experiences around real narratives. 

His visual world combines a contemporary look with a soulful mood and always has a strong sensuality with a vibrant flow, whether you watch a 30 second TV ad or one of his longer documentary pieces. You feel entertained throughout, as even a product placement never feels forced. 


Especially Oliver’s human sense makes him easily connect to people right away and his biggest talent allows protagonists to trustfully follow his directing skills – from celebrities like Richard Branson or Marky Ramone to Sport Superstars like Neymar Jr. or Lewis Hamilton to touching films about the neighbor next door. 


Oliver Würffell shot commercial films for international brands like Converse, Land Rover, MINI, RedBull, Rimowa, Sky, Sony & Vodafone. And he was part of the „Vangardist – HIV Issue“, that raised global recognition towards the stigma of the disease and collected countless awards (2015 Cannes Lions, D&AD). 

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