I was born in Cádiz, the oldest city in Europe, where a lot of ancient civilisations left traces of their heritage: Greeks, Romans and Arabs to name a few. When I turned 18, I started a long journey around the world that came to an end a few years ago as I settled in London.
During all of these years, I went from studying cinema in Cuba, to working as a journalist in conflict areas – in the Lebanon war and with the FARCs in the Colombian jungle-, to teaching in a couple of Universities in Santiago de Chile. At the end, while all my family was wondering once again what my next step in life would be, I decided to focus on what I really love: directing.
In the past 3 years, I have shot music videos and commercials for brands such as Yamaha, Microsoft and Warner Bros, trough agencies like BBH London, Omelete LA, Possible Moscow or Shackleton Spain.
I have also been awarded with the Gold British Media Award 2018, and the Gold Lovie Award 2017-International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences of NYC-.
Always remember that 2 negatives mean positive: NO+NO=YES!

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