Martin Hodara

Martin started working in movies at 18 years old. He worked in different departments until 1986 a year in which his focus geared more towards the directing department. From there he worked as a first A.D. working in features and commercials.

He assisted big names such as Robert Logevall, David Dennen, Ed Nammour, Sebastian Chantrel, Fredrick Bond, Joao Daniel Tikhomiroff, Jaume, George Muskens, and others giving him a great sensibility of Film Directing. These great experiences combined with his strong still photography background gave Martin the talent he has today for treating the image and telling a story.

He has directed three short films, including one that screened at the International Film Festival from Sao Pablo, Brazil. Since then, Martin has been directing commercials and video clips with big success including a “Lapiz de Oro”, one of the most prestigious prizes in the Argentinian Industry.

Martin has an exclusive agreement with AKITA.

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