At 9 Jack and his friend started a car wash business, The Wishy Washy Car Company, complete with business cards. This sort of “go out and make it happen” spirit carried with him as he ventured into the arts. His love of comics, art, and graffiti informed his style. Obsessed with East Coast rap while living in an English suburb gives you a little sense of where Jack’s dichotomy developed. It’s no wonder his interests and curiosities are so diverse.
In his world The Warriors and The Big Lebowski can exist together. Comedy, drama, it doesn’t matter. Not only has Jack created an impressive television and advertising career he’s also found acclaim in the art world. The National Gallery in London commissioned him to create a film installation for their major exhibition Seduced by Art and his still photography has been included in the London Design Festival, and seen in the Spazio Orlandi Gallery in Milan, Italy.

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