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“Burger, Please!” intends to describe in an unusual way an iconic food such as the hamburger. It is a story where fast food becomes sophisticated and almost opulent.
The attention for the preparation and the high aesthetic level create the conditions for what it is in short the story of a sudden and luxurious desire of a sophisticated woman.

The film has two distinct contaminations, which mark both the aesthetics and the story.
The first is Wayne Thiebaud’s inspiration and North American art of the 1960s. This inspiration aims to arouse a sense of nostalgia where abundance and minimalism are opposed in a synergistic way. A scenario where vibrant colours remind the audience of pop art, and where individual objects become prominent icons. However, the intention is not to be associated with pop art per se, in fact further influences are more cinematic than pictorial.

In realistic scenes and narrative locations, such as in the foyer, in the kitchen, or in the hotel room, the contrasts increase and the light becomes three-dimensional, aimed at supporting the story in a particular space and time.

The music, composed ad hoc, is a single drum free jazz which expressiveness conveys a sense of refinement, minimalism and elegance. A single instrument and a rich sound to represent at its best the style and the fast pace of the story.


Naira Khananushyan
Adolfo Alesii

Directed & edited by Andrea Marini
Cinematographer: Stefano Usberghi
Produced by: Akita Film
Producer: Francesco Guerroni
Music & Sound Desing: Daniele De Virgilio
Drummer: Elvin Betti
Recording engineer: Mattia Bonifacino
1st AD: Matteo Polo

SFX Team
Andrea Bonomi, Patrizio Todisco, Franco Aroni

Food Stylist: Iviano Ravasio
Set Designer: Michela Natella
Costumes: Silvia Capra, Stefania Caprara
Make-up: Lucia Giacomin
VFX Compositor: Alessandro Sanna
Color Grading Artist: Orash Rahnema
Bolt Operator: Federico De Maestri
Phantom Operator: Sonia Veronelli
Focus Puller: Gabriele Gregorig
Video Assist: Simone Magnani
Gaffer: Gigi Pasquali
Electrician: Diana Hernandez
Key Grip: Mario Zacchetti
Best Boy Grip: Samuel Scott
PA: Alessio Bellunato
Assistants: Liam Scott, Diego Preite, Martina Roncaglione
Casting: Movietribe
Recording studio: Ultra
Shot at Moviechrome Studios


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