Tim White

Tim is a Melbourne-based commercial and music video director who had his first lucky break in 2011; when he and two friends were commissioned by STA Travel to fly around the world for six weeks. The result was the unexpectedly successful Move, Eat & Learn films that garnered over a million views within 24 hours of release. These films launched him from complete obscurity to moderate obscurity overnight and has given him the ability to further develop his unique filmmaking voice. In 2013, Tim was nominated for the Young Director Award in Cannes for his branded short film ‘Shaping History, Shaping Tomorrow’ for Keio University.

He would define himself as being a part of a new generation of filmmakers who focus on creating highly engaging content with small tight knit crews; preferring unplanned and serendipitous adventures to overly styled and carefully organised shoots. His trademark has become his fast paced, intricately woven edits that give the aspirational content just the right amount of breathing room. This, coupled with his love for mixed foley and original musical scores have seen Tim etch out a corner in the market that is purely his own.

Tim has an exclusive agreement with AKITA.

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